Genitals have always had a way of fascinating people. Everybody loves them, but most people are too embarrassed to show them to anyone. We’ll use the idea of genitals to sell anything from cars to food, but if you show an actual penis or vagina on television, it becomes a big fucking deal.

This taboo associated with human reproductive organs has made them an excellent subject for art, but for the most part we have become focused on sculptures and paintings of penises. UK-based sculptor Jamie McCartney looks to change that with his piece entitled “The Great Wall of Vagina.”

To create his 30-foot wall of vaginas, McCartney asked 400 women from various walks of life to let him cast a plaster mold of their bits. He used a wide range of women aged 18 to 76 over a five-year period including identical twins, transgender individuals, and postnatal woman. There’s pretty much every kind of vagina you could hope to see on the 30-foot wall of labia.

While it may give some a boner, the piece isn’t intended to be erotic. According to the artist’s website, the piece is about “grabbing the attention, using humor and spectacle, and then educating people about what normal women really look like.”

McCartney says that many women find the appearance of their vagina to be a source of anxiety, so he used the power of art to do something about it. Reactions to his piece have been generally positive with most people agreeing it’s a spectacle to behold.

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