I guess this is the start of the promo tour for the Linda Lovelace movie, a promo tour that should be starring Lindsay Lohan, but is instead starring her hotter, younger looking, less insane and battered, even though insane and battered was a perfect role for Lindsay Lohan’s acting ability, they gave the gig to her “Mean Girls” co-star, Amanda Seyfried…and I’m not complaining.

You see, despite being connected at the soul with Lohan in my fantasies, I think this Seyfried chick has more to offer and I guess so does pretty much everyone in her industry, because she books jobs, both clothed and nude, and that makes her the kind of girl I want to either write love songs to, or find a way to challenge her to make me cum from a blowjob since all girls love a challenge…sometimes so much that they make bad decisions as to what they are doing with their hands, mouth and vaginas.

Keep your eye on the prize, Seyfried…

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