I don’t know or really care who Amii Grove, but I have seen her tits…and now so have you…meaning getting to know her no longer really matters…unless you’re a fucking creep and like the backstory of the broken girl naked in pictures you are trying to use as foreplay for your masturbation…you know, a super fan actually interested in what her likes and dislikes are, where things went wrong and how she made them right and all that shit…while I am the kind of guy who only listens to that shit when trying to get a girl comfortable enough to walk around my hotel room topless like this…because let’s face it, everyone’s got a story, problems, and headaches, so let’s just let them worry about their dad not loving them, or their failed dreams of landing a soccer husband, or the fact that topless modeling pays more than waitressing…while I worry about staring at her tits…because if I wanted to hear her bullshit, I wouldn’t be looking at pics of her, I’d be looking at her in disgust over breakfast while she complains about our kids.

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