Unlike you fat fucks, Angel Malit gets paid to prance around in lingerie…so you’d think looking at pics of her in lingerie would be uneventful, typical, even boring, because we’ve seen it all before…but I like to think of it as watching a great juggling act more than once…or listening to a guy playing the same guitar solo on repeat…only the lingerie version.

Sure it’s familiar…sure it’s been done before…but it just speaks to your soul like a magical angel sent from heaven to watch over us. More importantly, it offers us a baseline to compare the women in our lives to. Someone to make them bitches feel inadequate. Someone to make us feel content knowing that this kind of body exists…even if the closest we will get to it is by masturbating to it.

She’s a babe…she’s in lingerie…she’s getting paid…and we’re all assholes for celebrating it like it matters…but I’ll still celebrate it like it matters…because I have nothing else going on.

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