There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned slutty photoshoot to remind us that April Gustillo cares about increasing her popularity, and having the media talk about her, now that she doesn’t have Wowowee to attach herself to. Because once you hit a level of celebrity, the people love when you pull this kind of shit off.

While I just look on and imagine what could have been if it all didn’t work out for her, because let’s face it, there’s really only two jobs a professional dancer can take, either a stripper or a celebrity, and she got her hands on the wrong one.

But at least she’s giving us a taste of what could have been, while getting herself written about, all thanks to a little low-level FHM exposure.

I’m into it. Next time a little more crotchless and a lot more spread asshole. It will distract from her hard, shitty face…

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