Yes, of course! Insane mass murderers, serial killers and spree slayers did exist before the 1900s. You may have heard a lot about modern-day serial killers like Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy but surprisingly, these serial killers had much less of a chance of getting away with murder. Before the 1900s, serial killers could easily avoid being caught or found out due to lack of technology and even superstition. Many serial killers in historic times were never caught and remained active. 


Nicknamed after her flaring red hair, La Quintrala was tried for 40 murders during the 1600s in Chile. La Quintrala became well known due to her involvement in colonial domination, exploitation and misconduct. La Quintrala occupied herself with slashing slaves. She is also notorious for poisoning a chicken and then feeding it to her father with intent to poison him.


Gilles Garnier (also known as The Werewolf of Dole) was a French serial killer and cannibal. He was convicted a werewolf rather than a murderer which is not surprising since he lived during the 1500s. Shortly after being married, he struggled to find food for himself and his wife which encouraged him to cannibalize. Gilles confessed to have stalked four children and murdered them. 


Elizabeth Bathory, known as “The Blood Countess” was said to have been responsible for up to 650 killings in Hungary during the 1500s. After years of research, investigators suggest she may have been a victim of a conspiracy as many of the accusations were politically inclined. She was never sentenced to death but was imprisoned by her family until she was found dead by a guard in 1614.


Although a convicted murderer of young children, Gilles de Rais was also a Breton Knight and a leader of the French Army during the 1400s. After officially retiring from military life, Gilles became interested in black magic. As a result of his satanic interest, his serial killing began. After murdering at least 80 children between the ages of 6 and 16, Gilles de Rais was sentenced to death by hanging and burning.


Thug Behram was a well known assassin in India who lived during the late 1700s. He is suspected of murdering a staggering amount of people which takes the toll for the most victims in recorded serial killer history with 931 victims. He spent 50 years committing these acts of homicide by strangulation using a ceremony cloth. Thug Behram was part of a cult which was responsible for many vicious acts of robbery, assassinations and serial murder. 

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” doesn’t open until May 23rd, but your first good look at the film is available right here, right now.
We’ve already gotten a taste of “47 Ronin,” but now the new theatrical trailer for the movie starring Keanu Reeves has debuted and it looks amazing. Reeves plays the leader of 47 samurais who are seeking vengeance on an overlord who killed their master and then had them banished. There are swords and plenty of samurais and a woman turns into a dragon and, just…wow. “47 Ronin” hits theaters on Christmas Day.
Celebrities are nuts. They also live charmed lives. Nutty charmed lives, but charmed nonetheless.

In what world can a person insure their waistline (Bette Davis)? Or chest hair (Tom Jones)? That’s just nuts, because if Bette Davis so much as put on a pound, her insurance company had to pay her. She would, in effect, get paid to put on weight.

Nutty and charmed.

I need to get famous STAT, so someone could pay me to put on weight. Or maybe I could make a cool $30 million by eating too much candy and getting a cavity.

Clearly I have no idea how body part insurance actually works, but here are some nutty ladies with charmed body parts anyhow.


Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner’s several blonde ex-girlfriends. She was on a reality TV show, or two, or three (The Girls Next Door, Holly’s World, Dancing With The Stars). So obviously, she has a pair of big fake ass titties. And since they’re her moneymakers, it makes sense that she would insure them for a hefty sum.


One of Heidi’s legs has a little scar on it, so it’s worth less than its counterpart. Better be careful and watch those legs when you bend her over and ass fuck her in your fantasies.


America’s Sweetheart has a $30,000,000 smile. That’s a lot of fucking zeros. I could never handle having that much money associated with my teeth. I’m much too fond of sweets. Then again, if something were to happen to her pearly whites, $30 million would cover a new set of teeth several times over with enough left for a new toothbrush and maybe some floss.


The Internet can’t make up its mind. According to a few different sites, J-Lo has a $300 million insurance on her ass, while others claim it’s a mere $27 million, some even say she has no ass insurance. I’ll leave up to you pervs to make up your own mind on this one.


Seriously? Seriously? A BILLION DOLLARS? That’s insane. That’s insane even if she won the Gillette Leg Goddess award or whatever it’s called. This one has to be a crazy rumor. Although, Mariah Carey seems like the kind of girl who wouldn’t think twice at the thought of getting a billion dollar insurance for her legs.
Last night’s failed sext was “do you want random pics of my cum?”

I guess girls prefer specific pics of cum. Or maybe they don’t want pics of cum at all, but rather to just send you pics of them fingering themselves because all women are slutty exhibitionists who get off knowing someone is watching…they just don’t want you to know that…like this anonymous yet amazing slut right here…
It turns out that I really like staring at girls in bikinis…until it gets awkward for at least one of us…and it is usually not me…because I never feel awkward about anything. I have pretty much embraced that my actions are not for everyone…and are just for me…so thank you, Marian Rivera and your hot, tight body.
I’m drunk. Not because I like to numb the pain that is living my life as me, but because after laughing at my life all day, it’s time to celebrate the absurdity…with lesbian titties and booze…or just booze…because right now, the only lesbian titties I see are in the magical place I call…
I hope this becomes a style trend, because I’d be happy leaving my house if bitches wore nothing but lipstick. I have this thing about wanting to see the vaginas of every girl I see on the streets. This would help make that happen.

I gotta say I’m glad to see Kelly Brook naked, but more importantly, I’m glad to see that she has some bush…because really, bush is the future. All these bald girls are just lazy—bush takes maintenance and effort. Either way, here are her big tits doing something that matters…
This solution to his problem was probably not well thought out. Depressed 26-year-old Yang Hu, from Jiaxing in China, chopped off his penis because he feared that his long work hours would prevent him from ever having a girlfriend and he wanted to stop thinking about it.

According to The Daily Mail, he seems to have changed his mind and cycled to the hospital, where doctors told him they could only help him if he brought them the severed penis. Having left it at home, the man cycled back, retrieved the severed penis from his home and cycled back to the hospital. Unfortunately for Yang, the doctors discovered that the blood loss was too great and his penis could no longer be reattached.
A bus driver refused to do his job for an interesting and bizarre reason.  An unidentified bus driver in Dundee, Scotland refused to pick up school kids and left them standing on the side of the road, claiming he was compelled to continue driving and not stop for the children.

According to The Huffington Post, the driver claimed he sensed that something would go wrong if he didn’t continue driving, and as a psychic, he chose to continue driving and not stop for the school-bound children.

His employer, National Express, promptly fired the man after hearing about the situation and the reasoning behind it. While the man plans to appeal the decision, National Express is gaining praise from school officials for their quick actions.