I taught high school math for two years and while the overall experience was rewarding, it left me slightly jaded. Everything you do off campus is monitored by hundreds of teenaged Internet detectives just waiting for something scandalous to happen. While this may be fine for the timid and meek-hearted teachers, some of us still like to go hard.

Take 31-year-old Travis Lechien, for example.

A 9-year veteran chemistry teacher at Hanover Central High School in Cedar Lake, Indiana; Lechien was recently fired after taking several students to a strip club to celebrate a student’s 18th birthday. He was also accused of taking them to his home to drink alcohol and smoke a hookah. Teachers like to find ways to reach out to their students, but it’s usually not to hand them a beer.

Travis is expected in court next month and is facing 3 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. As an unemployed and soon to be jailed ex-chemistry teacher, he’s also expected to face an excessive amount of Breaking Bad jokes.

Neither the school district or Lechien’s attorney have released an official statement regarding the matter, but one would imagine he was probably on the brink of quitting anyway. All teachers are aware of the moral standards you’re supposed to uphold around students and that the school district won’t hesitate to throw them under the bus to appease angry parents.

For Travis to take a bunch of students to a titty bar and then to his house for some drinks is the equivalent of flipping a chess board over after getting your ass handed to you for 9 years on end. Whereas most of the teachers we talk about here get in trouble over something they did when they were in college, Travis did this in the moment and knew exactly what would happen.

If Lechien thought he could pull all of these shenanigans and get away with it, he’s probably too stupid to be a teacher anyway. At any rate, we’re sure he’ll be fondly remembered by his students as the weird but cool guy who took his favorite students to a strip club and then got them drunk in his house.

You just can’t put a price on that kind of education…but you can give it a jail sentence.

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