Beyonce had a show last night…and I had a feeling she was in the same city as me…not because we are connected at the fucking soul, but because she’s the fucking devil and all I felt was evil around me…like the Illuminati were outside my house watching to make sure I didn’t try to humiliate her or something. But it turns out she humiliated herself, as she got her weave stuck in a fan and some security dude tried to sort her out.
I am sure there was more than one person killed off for this…you know, punishment for making her look like an idiot, because she’s a fucking cunt with too much power.

I don’t see what the big deal is. She kinda looks her hottest restrained, struggling, and trying to save face, when you know inside her soul she’s fucking raging and coming for fucking blood.

I kinda wish her being stuck with her number one fan was more along the lines of two dogs breeding stuck…you know, her huge cock lodged in and unable to come out because it’s buried.

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