I’ve always had a thing for brainy women with bad attitudes, but it can be difficult to ascertain someone’s intelligence by just looking at them. After starting conversations with smart-looking girls wearing glasses and cardigan sweaters, I’ll often become too invested before realizing they think mermaids are real or evolution is the work of the devil.

Appearances can be deceiving, but according to scientists from the University of Oxford, there might be a way to tell which women are more likely to be intelligent with a simple glance.

After analyzing the physical characteristics, health and intelligence of over 16,000 women, scientists were able to determine that women with larger than average butts were not only resistant to chronic illnesses but also increasingly intelligent. 

Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos led the study and says women with more junk in the trunk tend to have higher levels of Omega 3 fats which have been proven to catalyze brain development. It was also determined that children born to women with wider hips were found to be more intelligent than children born to slimmer mothers. It sounds like the collective scientific community is trying to hit on fat ass chicks.

While this research was conducted by a reputable university, it should still be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve certainly met very slender women who were catastrophically smart and large-bottomed girls as dumb as the rocks you can bounce off their ass.

Researchers aren’t suggesting we give Kim Kardashian a full scholarship to MIT, they are simply pointing out a correlation between big butts and high IQs. Still, there are numerous studies that suggest women who carry their weight around the middle are more likely to be healthy and live longer than others.

Big booty girls tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose while having more of the hormones that help them regulate weight throughout the rest of their body. This results in lower instances of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. 

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