I didn’t even know the American Music Awards were a thing until yesterday. I quite literally looked the AMAs up on Wikipedia. I was sure they were a new award or something, because I had never heard of them before. I don’t know where I’ve been since 1973—that’s when the AMAs first got their start—but I clearly just upped my hermit status.

Did you know that ABC launched the AMAs after their contract to present the Grammy Awards expired and was given to another network? Bet ya didn’t know that—thank you Wikipedia.

Now that that’s settled and I’ve once again climbed back to the top of the pop culture chain with the knowledge bomb I just dropped, we can move on to better things, softer, rounder things, fleshy, bouncy things.

What we’ve got here is a list of the best dressed ladies at the 2013 American Music Award. The fact that the ladies hereby presented also happened to be the ladies who showed the most cleavage is a total coincidence. The fact that they all have banging asses isn’t, though.

I declare Naya Rivera the winner, with Rihanna and Christina Aguilera coming in at a close second and third, respectively. 

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