Dick size doesn’t matter. Or so the less endowed members of the male population would like everyone to believe. Unless you’re buying condoms, because then the size of your dick is kind of important. What dudes need is a condom brand that comes in a variety of sizes that won’t make him feel like he has a small penis or whatever. Enter Naked Super Fit. 
Why the hell have I never thought about becoming a dominatrix so my clients could clean my apartment from top to bottom on a regular basis. Basically, they would pay me to force them to lick my toilet clean. I cannot think of a better life hack.
Your typical commercial: something that shows how your life will be made easier with the product in question, suggest you might get laid, or at least feel an adrenaline rush.

Not so with Samsung. Sure, they could show you why you need a smart watch...or they could show you an entire history of nerd icons from Dick Tracy to the Power Rangers using a wrist communicator, then be all “Guess what? It finally exists now! You. Future. Living in.”

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t be writing their taglines any time soon. But check out the awesomely geeky montage below… 
In an upcoming promotion for the “Carrie” remake, a team of clever viral marketers decided to orchestrate a pretty amazing prank. They rigged up patrons, furniture and decorations to all move by themselves, but made it look like they’re being controlled by a very, very angry girl with telekinetic powers which manifest after she gets coffee spilled on her. A guy flies up a wall, tables and chairs move and books fly off shelves, causing the unaware customers to understandably flip their shit.
I don’t know if I’m going to go see “Carrie” now because of this, but if more commercials were this clever, we’d all hate advertising a lot less.
I don’t know if this is one of the most terrifying pranks in history, one of the best prank hoaxes or just a brilliant piece of advertising in any case.

To demonstrate how lifelike the picture is of LG’s new 84” Ultra HDTV, they set one up as a window in an office where they were interviewing candidates for a job. During the course of the interview, a giant meteor would come crashing down on a picture perfect representation of the city below, and I think they made the room shake and the lights change as well.

The result? Screaming hysteria that the interviewee had just witnessed the destruction of an entire city.

I think it’s fake, lest they be open for lawsuits alleging psychological trauma, but damn was this ever a brilliant idea.