You know, on the one hand it’s cool that all these characters are coming to TV, but on the other, every new announcement just makes me go WTF, DC?! This is someone who should be in movies! Especially since John Constantine is supposed to be the lead character in Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark, and…oh, let’s just get real. That’s never happening, is it?

I guess on TV they’ll at least have the luxury of casting a blond English guy this time. Will they let him be a smoker, do you suppose?
Every week, literally a bajillion comics are published, and that’s a lot. Often the cover is all you have to base your decision on when it comes to buying a comic, especially if it’s one you don’t normally collect. Unless, you know, you open it and look inside. But what are you, a scientist or something? You got time to read? Of course not.  All you have time to do is glance and, unfortunately, the comic mongers of the world aren’t doing you any favors with their flashy turbo-foil special edition covers and stunning “death of a major character” issues. You can’t really tell what you’re getting into. Lucky for you we decided to invest some time into making some covers honest in a way comics publishers just wouldn’t consider (it’s because it’s kind of insulting).