Billie Faiers has some silly tits. Now you probably don’t know who she is, because I don’t know who she is, and even though I have this very successful website that is tapped into this world of girls who get naked for fame and fortune, I still had to Google the bitch…because this low-level slut is from the UK and on some show called “The Towie” and she doesn’t matter, but her big silly tits do, at least when they are in lingerie.

She’s 23, has the botox and plastic surgery of a 40-year-old mom and her rejuvenated vagina, and she’s posing for Nuts magazine, probably after sucking off the publisher…who likes owning things that don’t look very expensive but probably think they are expensive…because that’s how trash girls like this are…they don’t realize they are garbage.
Here are some ridiculous Jordan Carver pictures because I don’t understand Jordan Carver. Sure, I get the big tits people like looking at, that’s pretty easy to understand. I just don’t get how they happened. Are they real? They can’t be. They must be fake…and the good news for this Carver nobody but a bitch with huge tits is that shit compensates for her average at best face. I’m sure she’s a nice girl though. I mean, she must be to be out taking pics like these for attention, right?
The world can never have too many Glamour Models. Thanks to the hormones in the food, and the non-existent barrier of entry, and the low standards and requirements needed to become a Glamour Model, there’s an endless supply of these girls. They are like a renewable resource that no matter how many years you live…your need for busty topless girls posing in magazines or websites will be filled…and I guess there’s some level of comfort in that, isn’t there? Maybe more so for people who were never breastfed as a child and who need tits or pics of tits to feel less anxious…a fetish far less creepy than paying girls to shit on you.
If anything, this photoshoot is a real attack on everything we know. These are pics of Emma Glover, and since she’s a Glamour Model, she’s supposed to be showing her fucking tits…usually for very little money…in efforts to land a solid soccer playing boyfriend, who will in turn be her retirement plan.

Are Glamour Models starting to get frigid and demand their nipples be hidden? Someone should look into this, do some investigative journalism, and get to the bottom of this controversy…and that someone won’t be me, because I don’t give a fuck about Emma Glover. If anything I’m just posting these pics by accident.
Helen Flanagan the actress turned Glamour Model with huge tits…who I guess thinks being a Glamour Model is higher impact and a better career move than being on some shitty UK show 80-year-old women watch…and decided that rather than riding that out into a career on some shitty soap opera 80-year-old women watch, she might as well shock and awe and bust out her tits in photoshoots because that’s what Kelly Brook and Jordan Katie Price did and look at those millionaire bitches now.

I’m not complaining…because I don’t care enough to care. But also because any excuse for a girl to get naked for success…for her career…or really just for the sake of getting naked…works for me.

She’s posing with her stupid Megan Fox tattoo for Playboy and she looks lovely and Photoshopped the way I like my pictures to be…as they help me judge regular girls based on unrealistic expectations…which leads to better sex from them…when even the hot ones scramble with their inadequacies.
Nicole Neal is some Glamour Model from the UK with big hopes and dreams…that I guess can only really be realized by showing her titties…even though I don’t think these girls are paid to be in these magazines, but rather just do it for the Instagram followers and soccer-playing rich boyfriends who like girls other guys jerk off to that have been published in shitty magazines…and the good news is, she looks kinda good.
Nuts magazine is pretty much a titty fetish magazine that pretends to be a men’s magazine in efforts to get advertisers. It’s a strategy that works. Their latest amazing piece of journalism is the “Best New Boobs” issue…which I assume features new boobs…boobs you have never seen…or boobs that are new to the boob scene.

This Stacey Poole chick is just ridiculously busty though. I am talking medically and structurally not sound. So big it doesn’t make sense and makes me think there is something wrong with her in a “freak of nature” kinda way shit…and I’m loving it.
Like all UK Glamour Models, Charlotte Springer is pretty much a nobody undeserving of being a model, usually short, with a set of big tits she’s willing to showcase for attention like a good girl…because it makes her feel pretty, wanted, talented, and more than just a party slut who sleeps with anyone she can to get ahead. That kind of work ethic is something I endorse and encourage, because more girls with big tits should be doing the fucking same.
India Reynolds is some Glamour Model who is naked doing Glamour Model bullshit for some magazine that probably doesn’t pay her much, but that gives her the exposure to get out there and get on the VIP list at all the trendy clubs she wants to go to, and gets her in a position to get knocked up by a soccer player…because like all porn stars, even if they are soft core porn stars, they use that whole “getting naked thing” for personal gain, usually to help them charge more for their hooking…and I’m not complaining, because a world without hookers would be a world without women, and a world without women would be a world built on prison rape, and a world built on prison rape would be painful for those of you who have man titties and unfortunately drops the soap.
I don’t know or really care who Amii Grove, but I have seen her tits…and now so have you…meaning getting to know her no longer really matters…unless you’re a fucking creep and like the backstory of the broken girl naked in pictures you are trying to use as foreplay for your masturbation…you know, a super fan actually interested in what her likes and dislikes are, where things went wrong and how she made them right and all that shit…while I am the kind of guy who only listens to that shit when trying to get a girl comfortable enough to walk around my hotel room topless like this…because let’s face it, everyone’s got a story, problems, and headaches, so let’s just let them worry about their dad not loving them, or their failed dreams of landing a soccer husband, or the fact that topless modeling pays more than waitressing…while I worry about staring at her tits…because if I wanted to hear her bullshit, I wouldn’t be looking at pics of her, I’d be looking at her in disgust over breakfast while she complains about our kids.