Girls are sluts now…more than ever…begging for threesomes…fat chicks begging for “The D”…and they all get it…which for someone like me, with no soul, I appreciate soulless bitches, at least in conversation, pictures and videos…even when not very attractive…but then again, I also like giving homeless chicks gynecological exams with my mouth…and making crackheads dance…and my favorite thing is trying to make lesbians, eat my ass like it was my man-pussy. We’re all allowed to have hobbies…even us degenerates.

But it turns out that inviting lesbians you’ve never met before to shower with you is a bad strategy to get them to actually shower with you…even if you suggest you keep your underwear on. Apparently they find it creepy and are only into showering with you if you don’t actually tell them your intentions in advance. Get your freak on tonight with those words of wisdom. You may have a better chance showering with lesbians you’ve never met.
The New York Knicks finally found a way to make Carmelo Anthony give a shit about something: Putting chicks courtside getting wasted and making out. Michelle Rodriguez came out as bisexual a couple months ago because she had nothing else to say during an interview so she mentioned enjoying pussy from time to time. Better than bullshit talk about “the craft of acting” for sure. She and that British model with the creepy eyebrows got drunk at the Knicks game and started pawing each other something fierce. 

Based on the results of a post-game poll, the Knicks are going to stop paying basketball for the rest of the season, converting remaining home games to Jumbotron shots of Michelle Rodriguez feeling up the titties of young models. Don’t tell me that’s not a major improvement.
I’m drunk. Not because I like to numb the pain that is living my life as me, but because after laughing at my life all day, it’s time to celebrate the absurdity…with lesbian titties and booze…or just booze…because right now, the only lesbian titties I see are in the magical place I call…
Here’s a good story: There’s a lesbian…I’m talking unshowered, cargo pants-wearing lesbian with dreadlocks who wanders the streets around where I live. I asked her how much she makes and she said five bucks an hour or some shit, just panhandling by walking between cars in traffic…when she should be sucking dick because she’d be making at least double that amount…but since she’s a lesbian, she hates penis, so she can’t get into that line of work. It’s really poor planning on her part. I mean, if you’re gonna live on the street, you might as well whore yourself.

I am sure I had something better to talk about, but I am half asleep and that’s all I remember from today. Here’s a pair of lipstick lesbians dildo fucking each other in a rainstorm. Enjoy, pervs…
Mia Malkova and Emily Addison are a pair of lipstick lesbians…who I am sure are just “gay for pay,” you know, like all of Ellen’s wives…because dating a chick gets a lot of media attention when the chick you’re dating is more famous than you.

I mean, maybe I am just ignorant, and firmly believe all real lesbians…you know, the kind molested by their family members or raped in their younger years, develop a hatred of cock and sexuality, look like dudes…and any hot lesbian is up to no good, taking advantage of a situation, because why would they be hot and be a lesbian at the same time? It just doesn’t make sense. Lesbians don’t care about looks. They are the hub for ugly people getting love, and looking good is strictly girls looking for dudes to objectify them. Fact.
There are more lesbians on the street than ever before. All these young girls with lesbian haircuts, in lesbian sweaters, wearing lesbian jeans halfway down their lesbian asses. Bring back the young girls who want to look older by rocking mini-skirts and high heels, I say. Seriously, it’s way more fun than this emo, hipster bullshit that isn’t fun to look at…