Stephanie Estrada is a lovely delicate flower sent from heaven to make your life a happier place. To say I am her number one fan is probably an understatement. 

All this to say, I am in love…and I thank Facebook for allowing me to creep on her all day, everyday.
Cyril Locsin is my latest crush…not that I have crushes. I mean, just the word “crush” sounds gay. So let’s just call it a minor obsession. That’s creepy enough for me to still feel like a man.
Maica Palo is some Pinay model and here she is in topless pics for FHM…and if you’re like me, you fucking hate FHM and can’t figure out why the fuck I am posting this garbage…then you realize it’s because of the topless model named Maica Palo in the pictures. 
The hardest thing about being a blogger with such a successful blog is dealing with all the pussy. It’s like I can’t leave my house without panties thrown at me, paparazzi taking pics of me, the FBI wanting to interview me…no wait, that’s Justin Bieber or some other popstar…being a blogger is practically like not existing.

Here’s Cindy Mecayer looking lovely as fuck for some low-level photoshoot and I approve.
Bridget Suarez is a glorious angel sent from the Philippines in the form of these amazing pics I want to get my tongue stuck in, if they weren’t on my screen but rather actually Bridget Suarez because this girl has got it going on…
Francine Dee is amazing. She is like a living, breathing sex toy…the kind of thing you blow up and give to a friend on his bachelor party as a joke…only she’s real…alive and breathing. Sure I can’t attest to her pussy being anything more than a fleshy, dead, rotting corpse thanks to the years of abuse…but I can say she wraps it up in some of the sexiest underwear I’ve ever seen and for some reason, seeing this tranny who isn’t a tranny brings me great joy. 

She is fucking glorious!
Lorraine De Jesus is modeling for a magazine…and she’s topless in said magazine…just her, some generic background, her titties and Photoshop…boring as shit. It’s like, throw some props in this motherfucker! Add some drama or theatrics because girl in front of a bullshit background wearing anything or nothing is fucking garbage…even when the girl is fucking fantastic.

I only post this shit to remind myself that even good things can be horrible…
You wanna know what I like? Francine Prieto, that’s what…because she’s some hot, old enough to be a mom bitch who doesn’t look like a mom because she probably hasn’t had a kid yet…but old enough to look like she nursed one.
Her body looks banging, her face looks lovely as fuck, and I’ll post and stare, even if you can find naked pics of her…vagina and all…all over the fucking Internet…and even if I think she’s a little too celebrated, no matter how lovely she is, because not one pussy deserves this much power…ever…but I’ll still write her love songs, because that’s just what I do for the women who have worked their way into my heart by sending me topless pics over Facebook.
It’s safe to say that Asia Gomez knows her angles. You know, the kind of fat chick who knows how to pose for a selfie, because a selfie is the only photograph being taken of her, because she just doesn’t matter anymore, not that she ever did, but as far as she is concerned she did.

She’s modeling in lingerie, she’s not offensively fat, I don’t have to listen to her talk, so I’m okay with this shit…even if I hate everything about her. There’s just something about her not looking like a fat ditch pig that makes me forget all the negatives.

She should keep this sucking in her gunt thing up…it’s the best she’s been…pretty much ever…even if I can tell she’s still a fat chick posing proper…and I hate fat chicks.