UFC girls Brittany Palmer and Arianny Celeste, who thanks to the UFC are pretty famous, at least for dudes with faux mohawks and cheesy as fuck T-shirts, who like to wrestle their friends as a pastime, at least when they aren’t watching other dudes wrestle…making these girls the chicks thrown into a gangbang to make it not as gay as it clearly is, because gay is the last thing dudes into dudes rolling around all pressed up against each other want to think about…because it would make the hard-on they have too confusing for them.

That said, Brittany Palmer and Arianny Celeste are bodypainted, something that would be hot if they didn’t have implants that act as an internal, built-in bra…nipple covers and more importantly, a thong. Meaning, body painting is a scam, these whores are still clothed…if there’s no labia, it don’t matter.
Katy Perry did GQ and despite being old and tired, she still has some tits…and in this world, proven by Katy Perry, the beacon of bad face and big tits…tits are all that matters…because why else would her shitty music pollute my fucking brain every fucking day I leave my fucking house? Music partially responsible for me being a creepy reclusive weirdo who can’t adapt to a society that celebrates this kind of smut.

But I will say, this is one of her better shoots.
Rihanna can’t just sit still and enjoy her time off. She’s like one of her songs, just constantly pounding in my fucking face everywhere I go…and I’m not complaining because she’s a slut about it…not that posing in a bikini or topless is really slutty, but when you don’t really need to be doing it because you make a billion dollars a year, it’s gratuitous and you just like doing it…which I guess to me is the definition of slut…you know, giving it out for free…but I’m not a hater, I love sluts. They make life more interesting…you know, if everyone was just a hooker…and if more hookers would start working for free once they made it…the world would be a better place…it’s some philanthropy shit.
You don’t need to be a billionaire to get a hot naked chick sucking your cock, you just have to be me, because I just need to go to Thailand, where 20 US dollars gets me 3 naked girls climbing up me like I was a jungle gym, and by “3 naked girls,” I mean “16-year-old trannies.”
I think I need to stop fucking girls from the Internet. I should stick to fucking random weirdoes who don’t feel like they are in too deep and have to fuck me because they’ve resorted to the Internet to get cock and have gone this far…because no matter how socially acceptable e-dating is, it is humiliating for all women involved and leads to really weird personality traits, baggage and a high possibility to get murdered or my dick cut off. I’d rather risk it with crazies.
I get called a misogynist all the time, even though I love women. I don’t bother defending myself or my opinions that the general public finds to be cyber-bullying because it annoys me…unless it is in person, with a hater-babe and it gets so heated that it ends in anal. 

The feminists don’t get we are fighting the same fight here…and the best way to solve our differences is to ride my dick.
Vivid Videos is releasing a movie that may make virgin losers everywhere explode—it is “Wonder Woman XXX,” like the comic book you used to masturbate to, only the porn version, so that instead of imagining the superhero on your dick while reading the comic or watching the reruns, you can see it in action.

The interesting thing in all this is that the costume looks pretty top notch, unlike porn of the past that would involve some stripper dress and duct tape that was ripped off the second they got into the motel room. It’s almost like porn’s gone Hollywood.

I am into that merge.
Rihanna is on the beach topless enough while doing a photoshoot in Brazil and I don’t really care, but I am just glad it happened…not because I love Rihanna but because I love me some topless behind the scenes pics whether it is of this bisexual, attention-seeking, ex-hooker or not…I am pretty easy going like that.
Christina Ricci was a child star who old, creepy men wanted to fuck because she was so hot…I remember she fell off around 18…rebelled, got tattoos, had huge tits, tits she ended up killing off in a breast reduction…which at the time was a tragedy, and now she’s pushing 40 and posting pics to the Internet of her in a fridge, showing off her ripped, fit as fuck legs…and I am kinda starting to remember her alien-faced appeal…you know, like this was the 80’s and I was watching Addams Family Values or some shit…and I was masturbating to her in the back of the theatre or some shit…not that it ever happened…you can’t prove anything…there were no security cameras at the time.
Ariana Grande is some boring Disney starlet who I guess is dabbling with the slutting, but in an innocent way because it’s a better angle than spreading her asshole on stage like she was Miley Cyrus or one of the other Disney girls trying to reinvent themselves…because the wholesome boring way is kinda more interesting in this overly sexed-up world…where sex is becoming more like The Gap, played out and boring…and frigid virginal is the new porn…and the people behind Ariana Grande know this.