China is fast overtaking Japan as the leading source for stories on fucked up sex stuff, and today China keeps it up with this report on their first ever Wankathon Masturbation Competition!

The event took place in the small town of Shenzhen and it was thrown by a Chinese sex toy company to mark World AIDS Day. Apparently, it was to raise awareness for AIDS prevention because jerking off is a risk-free, HIV-free sexual activity.
Ten men, wearing masks to protect their identities (though if I ever win the Fap Olympics, I would want everybody to know who the fuck I am), jacked off on an outdoor stage for glory and for the thrill of the game. Don’t worry, the athletes mostly kept their clothes on and held orange buckets over their dongs for both some modesty and to catch their victory juice. Scantily clad women holding sex toys and inflatable sex dolls were dancing around the competitors so they’d have some wank fuel.

Here’s video footage of the match. I’m trying to find the organizer’s contact info so I can compete next year.

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