Damn, this girl has a shitty waist to hip ratio. She’s built like a box…a fucking rectangle… with no fucking gap…yet she’s compelled to get in a bikini for some bottom-feeding publication…like an attention-seeking whore hoping to increase her fan base…trying to get noticed the right way…and the reality is that despite her lack of curves, she’s not fat…she’s got a little booty…and she’s posing in her fucking bikini…pretty much making her good enough for me.

I just like giving her a hard time, so that she doesn’t let her ego get ahead of herself. She’s still a nobody…a former beauty pageant contestant…half-naked or not. It’s just nice to see her career taking the right path…and what it comes down to is that she’s still lovely, even if she needs a little constructive criticism to give her a bit of a complex. Trust me, it is better this way.

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