People all over the world go through extreme measures to increase their sexual potency. While there are readily available medications to treat a wide range of sexual problems, many prefer the natural route. As an avid fan of The Travel Channel, I’ve seen people ingest all manner of animal penis and reptile hearts in order to have a boner for as long as possible.

While the still-beating heart of a rattlesnake may very well be my favorite food that I haven’t tried yet, it would be a lot easier for me if something as simple as chocolate had the same effect.

A group of scientists from Belgium agree, and they’ve spent seven years trying to prove it. After countless hours of research and collaborations with other countries, they’ve finally determined why sex and chocolate always seem to go together.

This would also explain why the average chocolate commercial contains more sexual references than a prostitute’s résumé.

It was discovered that the natural antioxidants in chocolate, known as flavanols, help promote blood flow. Since sexual arousal occurs when blood rushes to the genitals, they reasoned cocoa acts like a natural Viagra. Scientists even determined how much chocolate is needed to maximize one’s performance in the bedroom.

Ten grams of dark chocolate had enough flavanols to increase the flow of blood to erotic blood vessels for six to eight hours, with a two-hour window where the effect peaks in performance. Groovy!

We could all sit here and argue that Belgium, one of the world’s leading chocolate exporters, has a lot to gain from promoting this research and that we should check out who funded the project and where their supporting data is – but we’re not nerds. Instead, we should all go out and buy some chocolate so we can stuff our faces before making love.

Sex and chocolate are two of life’s great pleasures. Let’s not ruin this with petty things like facts.

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