The most important lesson we can learn from Christina Aguilera is that cyber-bullying is effective.

I don’t care what the fat chicks or the lesbians in their Birkenstocks eating vegan food or the latch-on losers who pretend to be nice say…the fact is that bullying people is human nature, and mocking people for getting fat is effective in letting them know they are fat and making them do something about it…you know, doubting that second serving of donuts, leading to them getting healthy and fit and looking better than they have in years, and more importantly, feeling better than they have in years, and most importantly, fucking better than they have in years, and living a longer life thanks to cyber bullies like me.

Bullying is a fucking social service, and that is why I will continue to make fun of fat girls until they start doing squats and runs, and not from sprinting to the buffet table and running to the toilet to shit all of it out.

Christina Aguilera looks hot, despite the fact that her personality is probably still shitty as fuck.

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