Barhopping from dive to dive is a lot less glamorous than club hopping like some kind of socialite scenester with a limo who needs to make an appearance at all the hot spots…but I did meet some lowlifes, a white chick dressed like a Muslim, a Rasta who was trying to teach me how to dancehall dance, a 60-year-old country singer who I think I may have made out with, a girl who thought we were twins separated at birth because we had the same birthday who invited me over to shave her beard, and four dudes in a stall doing cocaine.

Here’s some hot Pinay getting wasted, getting wet and showing nipples…because you can take the party slut out of the party but you can’t take the slut out of the slut. She almost looks like my ideal girl…except with less restraint and less dazed medicated look on her face…


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