I don’t watch “Game of Thrones.” I don’t do the whole “fantasy, wizards and dragons” shit. It’s just too hard for me to take seriously. If anything, I feel like an asshole trying to get into the storyline, no matter how many tits they throw my way…because ultimately, it’s stupid and nonsense and not real. I mean, I can’t even pretend it’s real…so I save it for 99 percent of the population who seem to watch it…even though if this was 10 years ago, only a few dozen people would watch it, and I’m sure they’d reek of stale semen and computer chips…you know, the typical college geeks from sci-fi fantasy club…who spend their days making fake weapons to fight each other…which I find funny because two or more socially awkward freaks interacting is jokes.

Her name is Emilia Clarke. She’s a big deal on the show. People are probably still masturbating to these scenes because that’s how loyal nerds are…and you probably should too…because sometimes mainstream TV nudity is better than throat-fucking. 

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones - Part 02 brought to you by PornHub

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