Emily Addison is one of the more popular pornstars around from what I remember someone in the industry telling me and I guess it has to do with her striking good looks compared to the other haggard bitches who fuck on camera for money. Here she is naked in a shower, which none of you really give a fuck about because you’ve seen her have dirty fucking sex of all varieties.

You jerks should be thankful this isn’t Jenna Haze who looks like a serious fucking crack addict on the prowl for empty beer bottles drunk teens threw in the river…like a crafty crackwhore who doesn’t like going up against the old lady who has dibs on the recycling bins…and who doesn’t want to wait until sundown before being able to give five-dollar blowjobs in hopes of collecting enough to buy another fucking hit.

All this to say, Jenna Haze looks horrible, her ass is horrible, her face is horrible, everything about her is horrible…but I guess when it comes to finding girls willing to fuck on camera, the hot ones usually say no and get real jobs…unless they are Emily Addison, in which case they just give me boners.

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