Just this morning, I was thinking to myself, what model would I want to have sex with given the opportunity? And this Emily Ratajkowski babe immediately came to mind, which is something that never happens…making me ask myself where she’s been, because for a minute, her awesome tits were everywhere, from GQ to Robin Thicke music videos, and she was really making moves…moves I expect will land her in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition this year, every girl’s dream, even if this girl can do so much more…and all of a sudden, these new pics for some bathing suit company appeared in my inbox.

Emily Ratatatatatatatatatatakowski and me are connected at the soul, she just doesn’t know it, but maybe all the love poetry I email her will help inform her.

Sure, she’s not showing off her tits, but this body and face is spectacular, even when clothed, and I’m just glad it happened…unlike how I felt when I get hot sauce on my dick last night and shit just burned for hours…even if it was the most stimulation I’ve had all week…thanks to the lost city of shit that was the pussy of the whore I was with…her vagina’s weak muscles that can’t grab on and let me know how horrible my life is with every thrust.

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