Emily Ratajkowski is the kind of girl I appreciate.

She’s hot, she gets naked, or at least she used to on her quest to be a household name, and she’s on the verge of blowing the fuck up.

I predict she’ll be in Sports Illustrated this year. I mean, I know that’s not saying much. If Kate Upton can do it, I guess so can barn animals…not that Emily Ratajkowski is a barn animal…just my spirit animal.

Part of me wants her to not quite make it, so the nudes keep coming and the desperation gives me hope in having sex with her…but she will make it, even though fame is probably a horrible place, but the money is good, and the line-up of potential rock star/athlete/actor boyfriends to have kids with are ample…which I guess is what all hot models want to use their talents for…when I prefer when they use their talents like this…

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