I was at a party, there happened to be a lesbian. Like all lesbians, we didn’t get along. Maybe because I had a penis, or maybe it is because lesbians are so angry all the time.

Obviously, this lesbian is a vegan. It kinda comes with the territory of lesbianism. She refused to eat the birthday cake because it had eggs in it.

Having little patience for anything hypocritical, I explained to her that eggs are just chicken…period. And being a lesbian, I asked if she would deny her partner oral sex if she were menstruating. She answered, “of course not.” So I said if she was willing to eat her girlfriend’s period, then she’s not anti-period, so why discriminate against chicken…period.

Is she racist against species? Is that what was going on here? I mean, I am not a cannibal just because eat period, and she is not a meat-eater if she eats eggs, right?

She didn’t see my logic. Lesbians never do…even after I explained eating period is no worst than eating vegetables grown in animal shit.

The conversation escalated to a pussy eating competition using a cupcake, so I guess in the end, this motherfucker won. I always win.

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