Who needs anti-anxiety drugs when you can just stare at one of these babies all day? Just take a few deep breaths, relax your body, and let the GIFs take over. They will simultaneously turn you on and relax you the fuck out. They’re like sexy little mantras you do with your eyes. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and let the rhythm take you over. It’s better than transcendental meditation.


Remember those 3D prints that were popular in the ’90s? You’d sort of look at them cross-eyed, lose focus, and a hidden design would suddenly appear. I was never really good at those, but when I stare at this ass long enough, I loose focus and go into a trance.


And…pop goes the weasel! I love doing this and watching it ain’t bad either.


This is another one where you can totally lose yourself just looking at that tongue flick back and forth and up again. I swear, hypnotherapists should forgo the swinging pendulum and start using porny GIFs.


This right here is my idea of what I want to be doing. Right. Now. Forever.


Wow. Just wow.

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