Girls are such bitches. So catty and out to get each other. Even best friends will fuck each other up, if it means coming out on top. I blame our animal kingdom genetic code of girls craving to be top bitch that all the dudes want to impregnate…you know, fighting for the golden cum makes them disloyal to each other…and to the dudes they are dating…because the second a better one comes along, they shut it down and move on…it’s all part of them having no soul.

This video is also one of the reasons I tell girls they should never wear underwear, because wearing underwear is a liability. Sure, underwear protects pants from getting smeared up by pussies, forcing a bitch to wash her pants more than she otherwise would. But it also gets in the way of fingering a bitch on the dancefloor…or really anywhere. Besides, underwear creates a breeding ground for yeast infections, especially the cheap underwear the bitches I hang with wear…and when in skirts, pussy flashes become far less exciting when there’s a fucking wall of fabric blocking out the meat.

Not to mention, your cunt friends can wedgie you on a swing and put it on the Internet…and no one wants that…even if wedgies can feel kinda nice against your clit.

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