Helen Flanagan the actress turned Glamour Model with huge tits…who I guess thinks being a Glamour Model is higher impact and a better career move than being on some shitty UK show 80-year-old women watch…and decided that rather than riding that out into a career on some shitty soap opera 80-year-old women watch, she might as well shock and awe and bust out her tits in photoshoots because that’s what Kelly Brook and Jordan Katie Price did and look at those millionaire bitches now.

I’m not complaining…because I don’t care enough to care. But also because any excuse for a girl to get naked for success…for her career…or really just for the sake of getting naked…works for me.

She’s posing with her stupid Megan Fox tattoo for Playboy and she looks lovely and Photoshopped the way I like my pictures to be…as they help me judge regular girls based on unrealistic expectations…which leads to better sex from them…when even the hot ones scramble with their inadequacies.

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