I have a fake fetish, one that I just find funny to put out there with girls, just to get a reaction, because my life is boring and getting reactions out of people keeps me mildly entertained.

That fake fetish is sniffing bike seats. I like to either go up to girls on their bikes and ask them outright, or I just pretend to do it to get a reaction, and every single time, I’ve been looked at with disgust or told off. It’s like girls are cool with rubbing their sweaty vaginas all over their seats, sometimes in skirts with no panties, or bikinis…but for a random awesome dude to want a sniff, they act like I’m some kind of rapist. It’s not like even asking them to suck my dick in a back alley or some shit. I mean, if someone asked me to sniff my seat, I’d tell them to be my guest, because really that shit is harmless…even if the seat has AIDS, which I am sure is scientifically possible…because you don’t sniff with your exposed dick, and you don’t get your mouth on it, unless you get real close to take it all in…and I think that maybe this fake fetish is growing into a real fetish…all thanks to this post…at least it distracts me from Devon’s dead hooker eyes.

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