Here’s a great idea. If your boss is long rumored to be gay, and you’re the PR head for an Internet company, that among other things, runs a black singles dating site, why not Tweet a racist joke about AIDS before your flight to Africa. It could only be more perfect if you made such a Tweet then had no Internet connection for the next 12 hours so you have no idea that everybody who knows you or has ever heard of you is disavowing you while you’re in flight as your company draws up your resignation papers. 

God I fucking love this story. It’s going on right now for Justine Sacco, the PR Chief for Barry Diller’s IAC Holdings company, which owns The Daily Beast and, the aforementioned black dating site, and a shit ton of other web magazine and dating properties. This joke is so bad and so incredibly tasteless that it’s almost genius. Almost. But it’s not. It’s just going to get this chick super fired and not hired again until she does a public mea culpa, donates countless hours to a righteous persons approved charity, and volunteers to take an HIV-positive vuvuzela up her twat to demonstrate that AIDS is an any-person disease. See you at the baggage carousel, Justine.

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