My theory behind this Jay Z surprising Evil Beyonce while she performed onstage is that he either fucked around on her behind her back while she was on tour and he’s trying to do damage control…because no celebrity or performer is loyal to their significant other, especially while on tour…and every single one I’ve ever met has cheated on their significant other while on tour.

So this stunt is just something to keep the bitch happy, so she doesn’t smell your dick when she gets home. Then again, maybe Beyonce just whined like an entitled cunt and demanded this from him.

Whatever the reason, he’s a real bitch…because real gangsters treat their hoes like hoes yo!

The thing that amazes me is how pumped her fan is…but then again he’s at a Beyonce concert so you’d assume he’s a half-retard to begin with.

The other thing that amazes me is that I am posting this. What’s wrong with me?

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