Everyone thinks that Jennifer Lawrence is so cute and refreshing…you know, just a young talent doing her thing and not being shy or reserved about it…giving a taste of real and wholesome, like that awkward girl in your high school you don’t make fun of and you don’t even fuck…because she’s just too off and not in a good way, but in a handicapped way…you know, the kind of girl who may make you laugh, but totally makes you feel sorry for her more than anything…not that itwould stop you from fucking her…I am just trying to paint a picture here and that picture is that Jennifer Lawrence is an actor…which makes her a liar, and I think whatever she’s doing here, is just another act that seems to be working…the whole “she comes off quirky with good intentions, just having fun, living her mom’s dream, doing blockbusters for money, art films for awards,” she’s been groomed for this shit.

But I think she makes a mockery of the whole industry with every fucking win. It’s like even a retard can pull this out of her ass…or maybe she’s not a retard, but a genius playing on the fact that we are all retards. So seeing her photobomb Taylor Swift just annoys me…but I see why everyone is passing it around…nothing better to do I guess.

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