I’ve lost interest in Jinri Park. I don’t know why, but I am going to assume it’s because of overexposure. I also hate the FHM brand she is owned by and everything they represent.

Sure they get hot bitches to pose in the shit, but everything they shoot is so fucking boring. They photoshop out the vagina. They are the fucking McDonald’s quality of photoshoots…you know, manufactured, robotic, and garbage…and I don’t care how many Big Macs a motherfucker eats, I’m not touching that plastic shit.

And my hatred for FHM spills over into all the other work their bitches do, because I know they sold their soul to the devil, and I get that it’s about making money and getting as huge as possible…but I prefer my hot bitches a little less desperate to be at the top, and a lot more desperate to get to the top they have no chance of attaining…so desperate that they’ll suck my dick for me to post about them as part of their efforts…if you know what I mean.

This Jinri Park bitch is done, over, and sure she has a great body…but there’s very little in it for me, especially when she’s not getting naked…and let’s face it, this life that I’m living is all about me…and this twat serves no purpose in it unless she’s showing labia. Bye-bye.

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