I guess I am the only person who thinks that Kate Upton is piggish, because when I look at her, even when she is Photoshopped to shit, I see a sloppy fat girl in training with a shitty ass…meaning that at 19, her size D tits are alright, and I guess it is important to live in the moment and appreciate when we have in front of us…but in no time her metabolism will stop, drop and roll the fuck out of here, leaving her an Anna Nicole Smith.

You see, big tits like these don’t come with out fucking consequences. Big tits like these are only good for a short window of opportunity. Big tits like these, although amazing and fun to pay with in all their fleshy glory, are not as good as the media is making you believe. But I’ll still look at her making fat girl faces…because she’s half-naked…and we like all girls who are half-naked…even if they are a whole lot of big-breasted belly-hiding hype.

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