Fatty Kate Upton has been Photoshopped aggressively for a fashion magazine that decided to either shit on fashion by using a fat model who has a lot of hype, trying to be controversial like it was a Benetton ad in the 80s or some other high concept idea that fashion will put together to make some kind of useless yet glamorous social commentary…or maybe they are just trying to garner buzz, get attention because people, mainly white trash dudes love Kate Upton…or maybe they have a quota of fat chicks they need to use in the magazine to be deemed appropriate for young girls to read in this era of hating skinny girls, and turning our backs on skinny girls while encouraging fat girls because obesity fuels the fastfood industry, the junk food industry, the health care industry while keeping people lazy as fuck and unable to bother fighting what the government imposes on them…but maybe I’m taking these things a bit too seriously…and should just stare at her tits.

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