As you may or may not know, 21-year-old Kate Upton has seen better days. Unfortunately, pop culture hasn’t really caught on to how fat and weirdly shaped she is, and dudes everywhere think her sloppy tits, weird hips, and dumpy ass are worth celebrating, making her one of the top paid swimsuit models.

That awkward body needs to be put out to pasture or shot for her meat…you know, to feed a starving African village that loves chubby blonde girls with tits.

To me, she represents all that is wrong with hormones in the food. She’s got the obesity gene and despite fighting it off as hard as she can, obesity is winning…even though the bitch is a fucking bikini model.

I get that people like curves, but these aren’t curves. This is like a fat girl who has melted into some kind of sloppy pile.

She’s now getting gigs in movies…it freaks me out…because I just don’t get it. She’s overrated…but in her defense, ugly chicks get laid too. They even get married. Clearly dudes are easy to please but shit still confuses me…

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