China is known throughout the world for their methodical and efficient approach to business. Once they work out a method of production that generates a profit, they’ll break it down into a system and implement it on a large scale. We’ve seen it over the last few decades in the electronics market and now we’re seeing it in the world’s oldest profession: A leaked training video shows an instructor teaching a group of Chinese sex workers how to make more money in what is being called a “prostitute training course.” Groovy!

The video features a very professionally dressed woman lecturing about a dozen girls on how to use social media to increase their prostitution revenue. She tells the attentive young entrepreneurs that by using the three most popular social media services in China to meet men and make connections with them, they can establish a rapport with loyal clients and make more money.

Prostitutes are advised to avoid “diaosi,” an Internet slang word for male losers. The focus of their work should be rich or higher-level customers who provide the most regular business and higher tips. So far this all sounds like really good advice for a prostitute.

She encourages them to use Momo, a Chinese mobile phone app that allows people to communicate with nearby strangers, to meet wealthy looking single men looking for companionship. Momo is widely used by people looking for casual sex and is described as a practical way to build up a following of clients. Once men are hooked, the instructor advises her students to continue talking to them with more intimate communication services.

Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, is suggested as well as a text and voice communication service called WeChat. The idea is to make emotional connections with the rich men they find so that they will seek out companionship in the form of sexual services. By listening to them whine while presenting a kind shoulder to lean on and a lot of sexy profile pictures, men will be lining up with money in hand looking for sex and attention.

It’s a lot like my last relationship except the sex is guaranteed.

While prostitution is illegal in China, it’s often overlooked because of how profitable it is for local economies. Every city has a red light district with restaurants, bars and hotels, all of which is made possible because of prostitution.

The video appears to have been shot by one of the women using a cell phone, and while the authenticity of the course hasn’t yet been verified, it’s still good advice. The girls attending the course are seen attentively taking notes and participating in the discussion.

You can watch the clip below…

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