The unidentified victim, 52, had been living with her girlfriend Mia McCarthy, 23, for nine months before their relationship took a terrifying turn when McCarthy began getting too rough during the couple’s intimate moments.

McCarthy, who allegedly told police she is a sadomasochist, claims the couple enjoyed rough sex, often leaving behind bruises and marks and claimed the couple did not use safe words, stating “no means yes,” reports the Sun Sentinel.

Her older girlfriend however is singing a different tune, claiming after her July birthday that the two smoked marijuana and McCarthy took the opiate Kratom, leading her to rape her partner with a sex toy, even after her partner begged her to stop.

McCarthy’s partner also claims there was another incident in late October where McCarthy scratched, punched, bit and even choked her, telling her to “breathe or I’ll kill you.”

McCarthy is currently in jail, unable to post her $55,000 bail. She has been charged with battery, domestic battery strangulation, attempted murder and sexual assault.

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