Lucy Pinder and some other Glamour Models are in the “When Boobs Are Big” issue of Nuts, which is pretty much every issue of Nuts…but I guess now they’ve gone into naming them, in order to differentiate the same fucking thing over and over again. Not that it is a bad same thing over and over again, like fucking your wife on a schedule when really all you want to do is fuck your 18-year-old daughter’s friends. In fact, it’s a good repetitive thing…because big tits never get boring.

I just feel like it is an office joke at Nuts. They know that all it takes is a couple of big titty bitches in a photoshoot, and dudes will buy…but they have to keep repackaging it, so that people don’t just jerk off to the one issue they bought…you know, keep it fresh…and with ideas like “When Boobs Are Big,” I can’t see how they can fail.

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