We’ve all thought about learning magic tricks in order to impress people at parties and hopefully get laid. It’s a good plan, especially if you’re introverted and like drawing crowds without having to talk that much. Once the sleight of hand and trickery are over, however, you’re going to be faced with some harsh questions.

People will quickly figure out that you aren’t a powerful sorcerer but rather just a dork that spends a lot of time alone practicing your alleged feats of magic. Trust me, I’ve been there.

A 39-year-old Israeli man stuck with it, though. He used his magical power of bullshitting to help vulnerable women overcome emotional trauma. This holistic treatment cost a lot of money which women were willing to pay because they bought into the man’s claims of sorcery. So let’s do the math here: vulnerable women giving money to and confiding in a man they believed to be a wizard?

Yes, he eventually had sex with one of them.

The man is being treated as a conman since his expensive sorcery treatments don’t really do anything and are obviously a means of manipulating vulnerable women for money and sex. Police also detained the woman he slept with because she admitted to asking the man to use his wizardly to physically harm her ex-boyfriend’s new lover.

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