46-year old Andrew Palmer of Baltimore, Maryland, has been arrested for a scheme in which he eats at a restaurant and then fakes a seizure at the end of the meal to avoid paying the tab.

He has been labeled “Dine and Dasher” by restaurant owners in the area; the scheme has gone on for years and he has served time in jail before. Recently he refused to pay a $50 tab at Viccino Jay’s Italian Gourmet; the night before, paramedics were called to take care of him when he collapsed at Oliver Speck’s Restaurant.

The Huffington Post quoted the chef at Oliver Speck’s: “The paramedics showed up and said, ‘looks like our guy’s back.’ He would not wake up, and they were like, ‘come on Andy, stop faking.’”

Hey Andy, good news: the food is free in jail, too.

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