Megan Young is some pretty substantial pussy. Those legs are legs I wouldn’t mind climbing up to crawl into her womb and die a happy and fulfilled man…because when you enter a pussy like this, like so many dudes before me, you’ve officially made it…but only because she’s got an ego, you know, a cunt who thinks she’s important and doesn’t fuck with regulars, she’s only into top tier dudes, in terms of money and success, and I guess why wouldn’t she be? Ferraris are nicer than bus passes yo!

Sure you can hate her for being a girl, because girls always wrong you and you feel they have come too far and need to be controlled by men and sent back to the kitchen, but you can’t hate her for being a hot girl…that would be gay…and you aren’t gay are you? If you are, how do you feel about cum farts? They’re gross, right?

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