Mexican authorities have asked armed vigilante groups to lay down their arms. The bands of gun toting citizens in the narco ruled area of Michoacan got together to defend their neighborhood from the drug cartels that basically run the place. The official Mexican government has been unable or unwilling to do anything about the organized crime rule because it’s too hard and you get less bribes or your head cut off when you do. To show you just how fucked up things are down there, the main gang they are fighting is called The Knights Templar. These fuckers dress up like knights and conduct weird ceremonies involving swords and sorcery and shit. It’s like a bunch of Renaissance fair nerds that are also vicious drug trafficking killers. So far the vigilantes have refused to give up their guns.

This is kind of like “Death Wish “with Charles Bronson. When the cops fail to take care of the uniquely multicultural gang members with perfect teeth on your block, you need to take justice into your own hands. I’m so glad I live in the Philippines. We have shit to bitch about in our own country, but at least we don’t have roving private armies of drug cartels with tanks and anti-aircraft missiles. There aren’t enough whores in Zaragoza to make me visit Mexico in the 21st century. I have no strong desire to be shot in the face. You keep on killing the bad guys, vigilantes. Until Superman gives a shit about Mexico, it’s up to you.

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