There is very little amazing going on in these pics…I mean, the only amazing thing I see happening here is how willing I am right now to eat Minnie Driver’s asshole for days…when instinctively I should be disgusted by it…I mean, she’s way past 25-years-old, her uterus isn’t fresh, but rather slightly used…yet I am still willing to explore the depths of her soul via her labia. I guess because I fuck disgusting things when they come along and usually I fuck them without a condom, as I am a firm believe that not all pussy are created equal, but all pussy deserves to be fucked equally…because otherwise it would have been born a set of testicles…even if it looks like a set of testicles…all deflated and dangling.

I guess this is just putting me to the test of how low I would go…which is really low…so low that Minnie Driver is on the higher end of the asses I’d be willing to eat. Maybe in the top 1 percent.

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