Miranda Kerr is not nearly nude enough for this photoshoot, where she got into some one-piece bathing suits, as she ventures out on her own, into the cold dark scary world without a corporate backer…something that could really backfire for her, despite having a pretty popular actor husband, and a lot of money in the bank…so even if she fails, she’ll be okay, she’s already won.
What I don’t understand is why in this new Miranda Kerr hustle, she doesn’t get naked? I mean, after years of being half-naked for Victoria’s Secret with her vagina and nipples Photoshopped off of her like she was Angelina Jolie hiding from cancer, you’d think now that she’s emancipated herself, her rebellion would be hard nipples and bush everywhere.
I guess people aren’t as logical thinking as me…but by their definition I’m pretty autistic. Logic is what we do, bitches.

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