Let’s get back into the nitty gritty of judging movies based solely on their names and maybe their posters or commercials, if I’ve seen them. Totally valid form of film criticism.


This movie is properly called “Romeo and Juliet” but it really deserves that “Goddamn” in the title.  The imdb has 154 matches for the title of “Romeo and Juliet.” And those are just the adaptation that chose the exact name, factor in any film that opted to get cute, like “Gnomeo and Juliet,” and you’re probably over 300.  All the same story, which itself is basically the same love story in probably twice as many again other stories. In short, NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE AGAIN. STOP MAKING IT.


I am going to throw caution to the wind and suggest it’s a piece of shit. Why would I guess that? Have you seen the trailer? If you can sit through this movie without developing ulcers or hemorrhoids, count yourself lucky.


Oh man, I’m very excited just now. Not because I want to see this movie but because I can smell this disaster from my living room. Look at the title even: “Pandemic Z.” Yeah, very original.  

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