I don’t know what they were thinking over at Page 3, the UK daily newspaper’s porn section, because every newspaper needs tits, because tits get hits and make the news more interesting to read.

Not to mention, Page 3 tits are really the reason the whole Glamour Model movement exists. It gave the everyday big titty sluts something to aspire to be…you know, to be topless in the newspaper, because once you get in the newspaper, you’ve officially made it. Everyone knows that. Especially big titty sluts.

But you’d think they would have taken the time to Photoshop out her body hair. Sure it is blonde, but is fucking everywhere, and it is freaking me out. She’s like a fuzzy fucking animal and it’s making me uncomfortable.

Sure she’s otherwise awesome to look at, one of those Glamour models you don’t hate and understand why she’s in this game…but that ass cheek hair, standing on it’s end, shows a serious lack of maintenance…and I am someone who loves bush…just not when it’s creating a weird layer over a bitch in her entirety.


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