I am not really a fan of Nina Agdal. I do think she was robbed the Sports Illustrated cover in favor of milking Kate Upton like the cow she is for another year, because of her popularity. I find she looks retarded, and despite having a fit enough body, her face just doesn’t do it for me.

I once called her out on Twitter for being a typical model hooker…you know, being an Adam Levine groupie, which in turn makes her typical, obvious and even tarnished. Not because I don’t think Adam Levine deserves hot pussy…he’s rich, famous, on TV, and fucking models is what pop stars do…but because I expect a model who is famous in her own right to have better gold digging strategy. Well, these pics are some pretty major pics I can only assume happened before she got famous cock. Because all models do nudes to get to a level where we know them.

You can pretty much see bush, titty and ass…which for a model who claims she’ll never do anything pornographic is pretty pornographic…making her look the best she’s ever looked...I mean, barely retarded. This is huge.

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