Well I be Smurfed right in the Smurf. Paul Karason’s skin has turned totally Smurf (er, blue). This guy has looked exactly like Papa Smurf for the last 14 years due to drinking some stupid silver-infused water that he thinks is some crazy-ass homeopathic cure-all. I guess it cures everything except Smurf Face. When the reporter asks why he is STILL drinking this water, he stares blankly for a second and says, “Well, not as much.” What a Smurf-hole.

The best part about this story is Papa Smurf has a fucking girlfriend—who I assume he Smurfs the shit out of on a regular basis. If the guy with blue skin can put his Smurf into a Smurf, then you have no excuses for never getting Smurfed.

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